Women's Film Fest - Beauty Bites Beast

 Beauty Bites Beast flips ideas about female helplessness, as women and other at-risk folks undertake the transformative experience of learning verbal, emotional and physical empowerment based self-defense. How often can you say with certainty that a movie will save lives? This one already has.

Q&A with film maker, Ellen Snortland afterwards. Ellen Snortland is a writer/ producer/ director/ humorist/ actor, dormant lawyer, women's and children's self-defense advocate, feminist-homemaker, Snortland has the unique ability to speak and write with authority on subjects ranging from knitting and cooking, to S.W.A.T. team methods of close-quarter hand-to-hand combat to the opportunities and obstacles of the professional American woman.  Her perspective provides a much needed bridge of understanding between the home, university and the office in a context of feminist theory.  True to her Renaissance Woman nature, she is the author of Beauty Bites Beast:  Awakening the Warrior Within Women and Girls , (Trilogy Books, Pasadena, 1998), and featured on National Public Radio and Dateline NBC.

Program Date: 
Saturday, August 5, 2017 - 3:30pm