Crowne Comedy Live Improv Show!

Get ready for knee-slapping fun – Crowne Comedy Live is coming to Altadena Library! 

Veterans of the Comedy Central stage in Hollywood, Crowne Comedy Live is a revue featuring engaging improvisation by talented performers Erin Berry, Matt Catanzano, Tim Johnson, and Bill Connolly who bring their combined four decades of comedy experience to the stage!

Get to know the performers of Crowne Comedy before the show on social media @CrowneComedyLA.

About Crowne Comedy & Triple Decker Productions

Triple Decker Productions (TDP) is a production company specializing in comedy. The founding members include Erin Berry, Matt Catanzano, Tim Johnson, and Bill Connolly, four entertainers with unique perspectives. They met while performing at the Improv Asylum in Boston, MA. Together they formed Triple Decker Productions and have since launched successful live show formats including Crowne Comedy and East Coast Wasted. The group has performed at the Comedy Central Stage, the Hudson Theater, and The Complex Hollywood, and was named "Best in the Fest" at the Burbank Comedy Festival in 2017.

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