Host a Community Conversation!

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Next year the Altadena Library will be taking its role as a community connector even more seriously by facilitating a series of neighborhood conversations.

The purpose of these conversations will be to find out what the residents of Altadena want for their community.  What are their aspirations?  What needs to change in order for those aspirations to become reality?  What is their personal role in that process of change?  And who else needs to be a part of that process?


This is a new and dynamic way of engaging the community which will enable relationships to form, not only with the Library but between neighbors as well.  It will also create new pathways for people to get involved in improving where they live.  And it will give residents of Altadena the opportunity to voice their opinion and know that those thoughts and ideas will help to inform all levels of decision-making and future planning for the Library.


During the months of January and February we will hold 15 community conversations all over Altadena.  In living rooms and kitchens, to community centers, schools and churches, our aim is to reach all sectors of the Altadena community and invite them to participate.  These sessions will take between 90 minutes and two hours and will be fun, engaging and beneficial to all involved.  We will synthesize the data gathered at these events and produce a series of recommendations for creating change and suggestions for how to reach those aspirations. 


We are happy to answer your questions, please feel free to contact either Mindy Kittay, Library Director, 626-798-0833 x 103, or Brian Biery, Consultant,

Below is a sample Invitiation you can use to invite your friends and neighbors.