Community Conversations

Progress is in the air in Altadena. In the past year since the launch of the Community Conversations initiative and Town Hall Meeting, a team of Library staff dedicated to carrying on the Turning Outward approach continues to meet regularly, with the responsibility for implementing and documenting new programs and services at the Library which are a direct result of our community's feedback.

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Altadena Library District is leading the way for California libraries looking to “turn outward” to their communities and to revolutionize the role of the modern library. At the start of 2017, the District undertook an innovative initiative called “Community Conversations,” inspired by the American Library Association’s “Libraries Transforming Communities” movement and the Harwood Institute’s approach to community engagement. For three months, Altadena Library met with hundreds of community members in homes, local businesses, and organizations across Altadena to discuss aspirations for the community, challenges it faces, and practical action steps toward change. The insightful feedback was shared in the form of a comprehensive report with key community stakeholders and all interested community members and stirred up authentic discussions about needed progress in the community.


On April 27, 2017, hundreds of Altadenans gathered to discuss the findings of the Community Conversations initiative. Throughout an evening of thoughtful prompts and group discussions, action teams were formed around the 11 top community priorities identified throughout the process. Each team took notes about possible action steps to take in the near future; click here to review the notes.

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