2017 Town Council Election - Download and Print your Application Package for FREE at the Library

Tue, 04/18/2017 - 3:58pm -- MKittay

Download and Print your Application Package for FREE at the Library - We will also provide you with up to 500 Flyers for your campaign and you may also post a statement in our June Newsletter which will come out the last week of May. And remember to vote at the Main Library on June 10th while attending our Grand Re-Opening "Growing Up 'Dena".

From: Pat Sutherlen, Altadena Town Council, Chair, Election Committee

The first important date for the 2017 Council election is coming up. Candidate application packages will be available for pick up starting this Friday, April 21st, at the Community Center, 730 E. Altadena Dr, open Monday through Friday from 8 to 5. They will also be available online at the Council website, www.altadenatowncouncil.org.

Every year when the annual Town Council elections are announced, someone is sure to ask, "What, exactly, does a Council Member do?"

To start with, there is no "exactly" about the job. The Council does not make the laws or enforce the laws. This is done by the County and/or Public Safety Agencies. To paraphrase the By-Laws, the ATC will convey the needs and wishes of the residents to the county and provide a forum to discuss and hear concerns of the Altadena Community. How this is done depends, for the most part, on the Community's wishes and concerns.

As you may know, the ATC is comprised of 16 individuals (2 in each census tract) who volunteer their time to serve our community. But what else do you know about the Council or your Council Member?

If you have not already done so, I encourage everyone who is considering a run for a Council seat, to come to a Council meeting (3rd Tuesday of the month) or Land Use Committee meeting (1st Tuesday of the month). The meetings are held at 7pm at the Community Center. If you had been to the Council meetings in 2016, you would have seen and/or heard:

Special presentations from : Pasadena City College, Foothill Water District, Southern Calif Gas, Athens Disposal, Reading Partners, PUSD facilities update, Collaborate PASAdena, Pasadena Humane Society.

Monthly reports from: California Highway Patrol, Altadena Sheriff Station, Altadena Library, Collaborate PASAdena, California 41st Assembly Advisory Committee, Altadena Chamber of Commerce, and periodic reports from Altadena Fire, CERT, LA County Parks.

Recommendations to Regional Planning: 2 Conditional Use Permits (CUPs) for sale of alcohol Amy's Cafe, ALDI's - both yes, 3 CUPs for residential construction - 2 yes, 1 no, All of these required community outreach by Council Members to residents and provided the opportunity for public comment at Council meetings.

Completed applications will be due on Friday, May 12th.

Good luck to all. Stay tuned for the next election message which will discuss what a Council Member MUST do, SHOULD do, and GETS to do.

Pat Sutherlen
Altadena Town Council
Chair, Election Committee