Wireless Printing Service - Print From Your Own Device or from a Library Laptop Using These Instructions!

Wed, 06/08/2016 - 12:19pm -- Administration

Thank you for using our Wireless Printing Service. 


Initial Step: Follow the steps below.  If you have trouble printing, ask staff to verify your account exists in our print system. 


Option A) If you are a laptop user: Click Here


Option B) You want to print from your phone or tablet: 

  1. Connect to Altadena Library’s wireless network. 

  1. Navigate to the Google Play store or App Store on your device. 

  1. Perform a search for SmartAlec. 

  1. Install the SmartAlec app by Comprise. 

  1. Enter your library card number and pin into the application. Your pin is the last four digits of your phone number on file at the Library; if you are having trouble logging in, ask staff to import/update  your account in SAM. 

  1. At this point, any print job you submit to the "Wireless Printer" can be retrieved at the Print Release Station. 


Have a nice day.