Partial Parking Lot Closure & Streets Blocked Around Library

Tue, 10/30/2018 - 9:29am -- Administration
The back part of the Main Library's parking lot will be closed off on Tuesday (10/30/18) from 6:00AM- 6:00PM due to a television production company using that part of the lot. Parking will still be available for patrons in front of the coned off area in the parking lot, but parking on Mariposa will NOT be available due to street closures for filming. Two additional handicapped parking spots will be created in the Main Library parking lot to make up for the two blocked handicapped spots on Mariposa.

Also, because of the street closure on Mariposa, the Main Library book drops will only be accessible to foot traffic for the day. Street closure on Mariposa will start around 5:30AM and should end around 5:30PM.

PLEASE NOTE: As a patron, you should be allowed to approach the Main Library parking lot to park. Please tell the officer or production staff at the start of the street closure that you are coming to the Library and they will direct you on how to best approach the parking lot.
We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this street closure!