Virtual Adventures Await!

Thu, 10/25/2018 - 11:34am -- Administration

New to the Main Library is an Oculus Go virtual reality headset, fully equipped with applications to take your learning and technology literacy to the next level! The Oculus Go's simple interface and equipment (just a headset and one controller) make the virtual reality world more accessible to those with little VR experience. With just a few clicks, users can be immersed in an entirely new world and experience, all from the comfort of the library. Applications free for use by the public include private screenings of YouTube videos, guided meditation, a flying simulation through the night sky, a Jurassic World experience, and more.


Arguably one of the more innovative features of the Oculus Go is Oculus Venues, a service within the virtual world of the headset that puts you in the front row for live concerts, sporting events, educational lectures, and more events around the globe. Choose from a calendar of live, immersive events in VR and join thousands of others to share the experience and meet other fans, get your dance on (like our IT Manager pictured to the right), or turn on solo mode and enjoy the event high above the crowd.


Stop by the Main Library and ask the Information Desk for help to start your virtual reality adventure!


A sanitary face mask and hairnet must be purchased for $1 each at the Information Desk prior to use.