Book Clubs

We Now Offer THREE - count 'em - Three Book Clubs for our readers!


ONE: You caread the latest books in your email with our Online Book Clubs, click HERE to sign up and 2 - 3 chapters will be emailed to you Monday through Friday.  

TWO: Or join us in person for the library's "No Guilt Book Club" which always welcomes new members. We are a monthly no-guilt drop-in book discussion group that meets at the Library. Feel free to bring other books you would like to talk about.

  • When: 2nd Tuesday of the month from 7:00-8:00pm
  • Where: At the main library in the Director's office.
  • How: Books are posted on this website. Members can check out the library's copy or interlibrary loan a copy for free!

 As always, this is the "No Guilt" book club, so make sure to come even if you haven't read our monthly book offerings.

AND THREE: From Page to Table (Potluck) Do you want to eat more healthily?  Or is it to try new ingredients?  If your cookbook collection has its very own bookshelf and is bulging at the seams, it's time to get those volumes down and start cooking up recipes for fellow foodies!  Or, check out our hugely popular cookbook collection for inspiring concoctions to try out on a new audience.  From Page to Table is our new Book Club that meets bimonthly.  It’s simple:  single out a new recipe from a cookbook, prepare,  and share!  Have staff print copies of the recipe for distribution.  That’s it.  All ages welcome.  Multi-generational potluck, anyone?




Tuesday, June 13th 2017

The Mercy of Thin Air: A Novel by Ronlyn Domingue

The Hidden Life of Trees: What they feel, how they communicate: discoveries from a secret world by Peter Wohlleben